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Okay Igor's admirable. What did you think of Loren (Mallie's boyfriend until he broke up with her) What's worse is she has a pit full of loyal Electrodes. No kid can go near there.
I didn't like Loren. Mallie's too awesome to break up with! Now, you may call me an obsessive fan. I may not have too much concrete evidence, but I know that Mallie's cool. Plus, I'm not even sure I remember Loren. There were so many characters that I sort of blocked out the ones that weren't overly bad (like 189) or overly good (such as Lady Robin). Loren didn't have a huge effect, so I may have blocked him out. ...Sorry. But he shouldn't have broken up with Mallie. Tomorrow, I'll locate the updates concerning Loren to respond with more solid proof to further support my right to hate all who oppose science!