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How was Mallie not loyal? That was the only relationship she got in. And yes, that is worse. Ah well, I'll have to start a Loren Protest Group.

Too many is never a bad thing! You made both quality and quantity super high. I was incredibly impressed with the nuzlocke. And yes, you did good with the "only 3 deaths" thing. I just don't want you to think that when I said "too many" I meant that as a bad thing, 'cause you know I didn't. It's in the rules anyway, and you tend to focus on character, so as to build up backstory. Like Teddy! Teddy was cool.
In the sense that a caught Linnone would do whatever he wanted while Mallie is not going to say commit genocide (Not that he would want to)

Yeah! Let's see if I can get a perfect!

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Enjoying this so far, though I'm kind of hoping that not every pokemon you catch ends up with a fascination for tearing the organs out of living victims.

As for level, depends on which mons you use. Grass is x4 effective to both of Brocks pokemon, and fighting moves are x2. If you use Biollante and Pcebro on him level 15 should probably be more than enough. If you plan to use the others...probably higher.
You can suggest other personalities for my pokemon before I catch them.

I'm going to use them for this fight, I see no reason to hinder myself by picking poor pokemon for a gym leader.