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Everyone else seems like a slight tweak to "rape, murder, torture!" as their personality, which when there are several members of the team like that and none of their goals make any sense (become the only Pidgy, kill because killing things hurts them which is awesome, "I run mazes, therefore I kill things," and my favorite: "I kill in the name of pacifism!"), tends to get old if it doesn't flat out grate on you. I'm kinda hoping that a few get knocked out just to thin out a few of the absolutely crazies. It doesn't come of as nightmare fuel, just a rediculously evil team with one trainer stuck trying to keep the crapstorm from making too big of a mess.
Well Scep is more he thinks the world is a maze, and wants cake. But also learned that flesh is tasty. Also he just does need to eat pokemon because Rattatas are omnivores. And I hope for pratical purposes that I change the team. I'd much prefer Fearow, or Dordio for my flier, Rattata kinda just weak, Pcebro's the only one I can see keeping based on stats.

So persumably I'll get a route 3 catch, replace something with Magikarp, and something with the Mt.Moon catch. That should give you quite a few catchs to change a personality.