There was not enough info in the vision to get an exact location on the horse. You will have to settle for going to Belmont Park

The town of Belmont Park is located on the continent of South Enicom, on western side of the continent, rather southerly. It is outside the influence of the Terkaton empire, the largest empire on the continent, and is east of Kroy.
Belmont Park is most famous in Daystor for its thoroughbred horses, the finest racers in the world come from Belmont Park, and the horsemen here can provide a family history of their horses that are more detailed than some noble family trees. If you are buying a racer that doesnt have at least one ancestor in its lineage from Belmont Park, most people will assume you just arent serious about winning.
The town itself is not all that big, there are shops and stores yes, but basically only one of each. The residental area is very small, but from the city, you can see the huge barns that mark the nearest horsefarms of the area, and you are pretty sure that there are more and more in the distance. Of the ones you can see, each one appears to have a large amount of land, and they are all well-fenced off. There are some horses out in each area, grazing or just pacing about, and even if you dont know a whole lot about horses, just one look tells you that these are fine steeds.
People arent exactly used to adventurers just 'popping' in, but then again, lots of nobles who come to buy horses here do have access to teleport magic, so its not exactly unknown. As well, the town seems to be planning for some sort of festival or some such, and so the party is noticed, but doesnt draw a whole lot of attention.