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Well, since the deadline has long since passed for my other request, back to the original one. Lower priority since I got the Virtue and the Throne is underway, but I'm still looking for people to make the others.

Request number 26 for Archon High Castes in avatar form, it doesn’t matter if different people do them.

Masculine Archon (Technically genderless)
Equipment: Billowing green, blue, and white robes; silver armor with golden angel wings and a seven-tiered mountain on it; iron crown with seven points; long scepter in its left hand, jeweled sword sheathed at its left hip
Notable Features: Bronze wings, stern face
Skin color: Gray
Hair color: Mostly covered by crown, but a lighter shade of gray

Masculine Archon (Technically genderless)
Equipment: Red full plate with a mail skirt down to its knees; orange cape; crested helmet with golden wings sweeping back from the temples and an open visor; giant flaming (white) sword, at least as tall as it, with a curved blade and short wings for quillions; spiked bracers
Notable features: Iron wings, handsome but rugged face, massively muscled beneath armor
Hair color: Covered by helmet

Masculine Archon (Technically genderless)
Equipment: White robes with geometric shapes stitched in gold on the edges; large book with a seven tiered mountain on it in left hand and golden scales in right
Notable Features: Short white wings
Hair color: Bluish gray
I'm working on Dominion now. Might try the others, but not sure yet... when you say Iron and Bronze wings, you mean color-wise, or actually metal wings?