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    Quote Originally Posted by MikelaC1 View Post
    ...and so the party is noticed, but doesnt draw a whole lot of attention.
    ... despite the presence of a winged giant (he's been ordered to this form for 'urban' travel) and a group of stunningly beautiful women (and a man) ... the majority of whom have 'superhuman' Charisma of above 18 (if not above 20).

    FYI, as with Lok ... who has no 'mundane' disguise ... Lildorrinene will have done her normal layered disguise ... shape changed with mundane makeup over top of that so as to really botch with True Seeing.
    Lok's disguise (illusory): (1d20+18)[37] ... attempting anything else is pointless because of his bizarre form, despite being somewhat humanoid.
    Lil's non-illusory disguise: (1d20+13)[22]
    EDIT: I fumbled the modifier. It's a +35, not a +13, so please add an additional 22 (44).
    * Layered mundane, in case of true seeing: (1d20+25)[39]

    Lildorrinene asks the group, "We were in a hurry to get here, ladies ... and gentleman. But beyond, I think, Tallesin? .... I believe we are without a healer. I am an expert 'item commandeer,' do not depend one weapons-in-hand in battle, and have the best battlefield maneuverability. Do we wish to pool resources for some healing magic before we step too far into anything? I don't think we'll get anything exotic here, but it seems large enough for healing wands. Even if I don't wield the wand (or whatever) ... it would be wise for somebody to take the role of party replenisher. Tallesin's focus on battle pulls her away from second-line activities."

    Meanwhile, Lok thinks about the calendar and his knowledge of the cultures of South Enicom to try and figure out what festival this might be.
    Basic d20 roll. DM, please apply the appropriate knowledge modifier to this roll, based on Lok's sheet: [roll]1d20+[/roll]
    **Ooops, wrote in a "+" .... I'll put a roll in OOC.

    He'll gladly accept any assisted rolls (or assist in the same).
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