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    Lok's mental buzz is heard in the party: "It seems that we've come just in time for the most prestigious horserace in this known world - the Belmont Stakes. Legend has it that it was the last of a series of races known as the Triple Crown, a series which no longer exists - though there are changing venues each year that sponsor the prelude races building to this championship. The first two original races of the Triple Crown are no longer important, as the societies of which they were a part have since been destroyed or assimilated by other cultures. But the Belmont Stakes survive. Even the famous casino houses of Varstok - known for decadent spending - never boasted a daily take the amount of cheques, marks, and raw capital that are bet on this day in this place. Legend has it that the results of this race in this otherwise small but cosmopolitan city have seen the sad (or fortunate) changing of hands of entire fortunes, companies, and even a principality or suzerainty or two.

    "Of course, with so much honor at stake - honor extending to entire nations themselves as they sometimes sponsor horses as well as persons - this is one contest that should not even be conceived of for disreputable activities in the main. Anyone with 'adventurous' tastes will live longer conducting them in the crowds like any other barker. Attempting interruption of the Stakes not only will likely fail as protections will likely be intense and from multiple overt and covert sources, but will gain the enmity of the richest and most powerful persons in the known world from every stripe of society. Of course, you are the Sisters that seek to unite the Goddesses ... so I am sure you know what is best."
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