Richard Southam

Alias: Rich, That Guy Who Is Trying to Explode Me

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human

Age: 41

Alignment: True Neutral

Class/Profession: Alchemist/Spellmaker/Wizard

Power Rating: C

Description: Richard is about 5ft 11 with a decent physique, black hair and green eyes. Despite his obvious fitness, he can't help but looking his age a little. His own personal image is pretty much tailor-made to exhibit a sense of been there done that, of a man who has seen stuff that would nake your eyes pop out of your head. Unless you have also seen it, of course, then it probably isn't that interesting. His outfit varies greatly, but the one thing you never see him in is a wizardly robe.

Personality: Rich is outgoing, confident, assertive, talkative and snarky as hell. He has a rather flexible moral compass that generally swings towards either POWER or MONEY. He is not a heartless mercenary however - he derives absolutely no enjoyment of killing or causing harm to others. Well, maybe a little if they were jerks, but that's besides the point. Although he has a strong every-man-for-himself mentality, he understands that in a team you have to provide input to recieve output, and will willingly help allies or teammates. Make no mistake, his actions are not done out of altruism but rather a tacit understanding that you owe him one. Still, it's not like he can't have friends who he would offer no-strings attatched help to, it's just that that almost never happens. Ultimately though, Rich IS kind of a selfish introverted jerk at the best of times.

Equipment: Spellbook, Dagger Plus One (which is actually two daggers welded together), Walther PPK handgun and flak jacket, along with several changes of clothes.

Abilities: Magic wise he is around a 13th level Wizard. He is highly skilled in inventing new spells, meaning that he has a few specially made for himself. These include Magic Magazine (infinte bullets, -5 to Imaginative Naming checks) Force Geyser (A large force pushes targets up from the ground, can get some sweet airtime) and the ever-useful Summon Curtain (Do I have to explain this?)

In addition, Rich knows kung fu Alchemy, aka potions and stuff and et cetera. He is able to make healing potions up to Cure Serious Wounds and most oils and other potions.

Despite his wizardosity, Rich is fairly fit and physically durable, although his actual skill at fighting has never evolved beyond the barroom brawl stage.

Backstory: To Come Later