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    Telepathic to Lil, before leaving for Belmont:
    "Your Excellency, I intended no comment on your prestige in my speech; indeed, I call you "Excellecy" now in acknowledgement of your Emissary title. I merely used "Master" for Lok-too-loo-baz in the archaic sense, denoting respect but indicating that he is still not the highest-ranking present. In our faiths, every male has his superior, his Your Excellency, mine High Priestess Zanthia. Though you are not my "Lady," you are still "my lady," and so I defer. My humblest apologies for any social unpleasantness I have caused. As for his name, I surmised it was not his True Name, simply because I respect demonic intelligence and cunning too much to believe that such things would be given away lightly." All this is said with formal deference mixed with a small bit of indignant shock, the mage being surprised and embarrassed by his apparent faux pas.

    OOC: Just to be clear, Tallesin commented on the Lok's behavior while the demons were away. It's possible that the demonic duo heard his words regardless, but from a roleplayer's perspective, I know my PC wouldn't directly criticize/insult anyone right next to him. Wow, I just realized my character is slightly passive-aggressive. Sad day...

    Once at the park, Tallesin begins soaking in his surroundings, delightedly taking in the air and festal atmosphere. Turning to Lildorrinene, he says apologetically, "Alas, my mistress Sabrina's call came late in life, when I was already committed to other paths. I have a few means of revitalization, in a pinch, but I cannot satisfy an entire party... at least, not with healing. Oh my!" He chuckles in a mock scandalized tone at his afterthought.

    Moving his gaze to Lok as the demon speaks telepathically, Tallesin smiles at the other male's information. "A horse race, you say? Hm... of course, business must come first, but I recall fondly such spectacles from my youth. Come to think of it, with its present audience, a detour to the races may be advantageous. At minimum, we enjoy a show and perhaps profit from a gamble; at maximum, among such people (both great, middling and small) our quest finds a new thread. However, like Lok-too-loo-baz," the mage glances at Lil as he says the name, "I bow to the will of the Sisters."

    In the event of attending the races, would it be possible for Tallesin to bet on the match? Further, given his mercantile background, could he use Appraise to evaluate the horses' relative qualities in hopes of making a more profitable bet?
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