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    "Straight to the point, Tali," Melinda replies. "You're doing marvelously."

    Melinda takes Taleira's hand for the teleport.


    "I...know this place..." says the bardess as she takes in the new scenery. "Why do I feel like I know this place...?" She dispels her suspicions momentarily, but they soon return. "Birthplace of our Prophet this may be, but I wouldn't be a good Sabrinite if I didn't point out to you all that there have got to be dozens upon dozens of ways we can divert some of the money that's flowing through here in these few days to our cause. I've already discussed with a number of you how it would benefit the Fellowship to have an independent base of operations. We should definitely take advantage of the Stakes to raise some funds and develop useful connections."

    "Those who want to come visit the Prophet's place of birth, follow me, I'll divine the way."

    OOC: Find the path. Who knows what the place looks like now?
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