As a disclaimer, I don't actually watch the show -- all I know about drawing ponies comes from looking at what Dirtytabs has done

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So, if someone would be kind enough to make me a pony based off either Ezren, the Pathfinder Wizard iconic or Lem, the Pathfinder Bard iconic, I would be most grateful. Preferably casting a spell with book / baton if possible but again not necessary if it would be too much trouble. I'll leave which one up to the artist; whichever one they'd prefer to draw. ^^;

(Bard, obviously.) I'm not happy with the coat color, but I couldn't figure out what color to use as his skin color looked even worse, and the reddish jacket was the main color I could find. I'm happy to add all his gear if you want it, but I wanted to make sure you liked the pose and style first. Suggestions for changes are welcome
....apparently I need to do something with the musical notes in the small version, as that looks really weird now that I see it better.