Along the way out to the countryside, elements of Melinda's urban habit gradually morph into rather rustic forms of attire. Her cloak reverts to its natural horsehair, and her makeup dissolves. Only a few minutes after that, she acquires a walking stick. A country hat eventually comes out of her pack, and on it she sticks a flowering twig. The entire assemblage leaves her looking rather plain, though it does nothing to disguise her graceful movement, and the quality and cut of the fabric she wears still indicates that she is a woman of wealth.

"Right on this next hill is the place," she announced to the group as they approached. "Amazing that this open space is still here after all this time. I expected the site to be swallowed up in some alley somewhere inside the city."

"Hail there!" Melinda calls out to the two men. "Would you gents be so kind as to lend a band of pilgrims some shade from this afternoon sun?" They had, after all, lost a few hours on the sun for having teleported so far east.