Ch 4 In which we ruin people's innocence

To reach Brock I would have to travel though Viridian forest.

That's good. Can't believe your parents would let you, but good for you.

Oh really, they can bring it!

Did you remember to weaken them?

Or don't answer my question, that works as well.
Don't be mean to Mommy!

I'm sorry I'm a more successful pokemon catcher than you?

Oh okay. If you want.

Go Biollante.
Rick Go Weedle

Biollante tackle!
Okay Mommy!

And he turned it into gooey paste with one blow.

Am I a good son Mommy?
The best Biollante.
Yay! I wuv mommy.
Useless bug, Go Caterpie.
Scep your turn.

Scep quick attack!
Caterpie string shot!

Wow really. You're going with string shot. Scep quick attack.

Food at last!!!

Yeah give me your money!
Humph useless worthless bugs!

Um someone should really tell Memetic that.

Go Scep
Doug Go weedle.

Unlike Biollante I had to be careful. Weedle's stinger carried a poison, that would sicken or kill Scep Scep quick attack.
Weedle stringshot

What is it with everyone going with stringshot when I'm using high priority attacks. Scep quick attack.

Oh god so hungry!
Make sure you don't eat the poison sac.
Weedle... We were going to be BFF's
Send out your next pokemon... Come on, remember you can't jam out in a trainer battle.
*sob* Go Weedle.

Scep quick attack.
Weedle poison sting

Scep quick-attack.

Yay more food!
*sob* Please stop him
Hey Scep's hungry, and you challenged me.
*snort* Kakuna

It comes pre-packaged.
Scep quick attack.

So tasty and tender *sob*

Kakuna you were only a day from hatching! I'm sorry *sob* I got you and your children killed!
Shut up and give me my money.

*snerk* Trust me I won't.

Zephyr go!
Anthony Caterpie go!

Zephyr gust!

Eh I'm full.
Caterpie go!

Zephyr gust

You are not Pidgey's so you will be allowed to live.

Well deal with it.

You challenged me.

*face-palm* Just..Just send out your pokemon.

Pestilence go!
Charlie Metapod go!

Pestilence confusion!
Metapod harden!
*Twitch* No comment.

Pestilence confusion.

Pestilence laughed with sadistic glee as he applied psychic powers on the cacoon. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then an eye burst, as a deformed caterpie shaped thing was violently tugged out of the small hole.
What's the matter?! I thought bug was good against psychic! Yeah Scream! Give me your suffering!
Caterpie go!
Don't worry I'll avenge my mommy!

Oh. You are just adorable!
Pestilence confusion!
Caterpie tackle!
Foul villain, my ram is the ram of justice!

Pestilence had thrown the Caterpie around, giving it many small nicks Pestilence confusion.

Pestilence had started on one of the nicks, tugging it and making it spread as the Caterpie screamed in agony. Once the wound had grown wide enough. Pestilence started removing organs.
Oh I thought you were going to avenge mommy?
Oh Arceus the agony! I'm sorry Mommy! I tried.
I thought you loved mommy! You don't deserve his love!
Go Metapod

Pestilence confusion
Metapod harden.

Pestilence confusion!

Your pokemon's suffering bought me joy.

I know

I'm not in a hurry.

Go Pestilence.
Sammy Weedle, we have been best friends for 5 years, today. Today is the day that you'll evolve. Because we're best friends
Weedle Yeah I know I can do it.

Pestilence use confusion.

Pestilence giggled as he went at the Weedle with it's psychic powers, ripping it apart and resealing the blood vessels.
Oh Arceus kill me, kill me!!!!!
Come on! Do it! Grab a rock and smash your best friend. It's the only way to save him from a life of agony. I'm not going to kill him, I like watching him suffer!
Oh... please!!!! Kill me!!!!!!! Oh Arceus the pain!!!!!!
And he did it.

Your suffering makes me strong!

I saw Gary fighting Brock the instant I went in the gym. His Butterfree was throwing it around. However at one point he left it too close to his head and the Geodude managed to reach out and start squeezing his head.
Brock Now Geodude kill it, but don't remove your hand from it's head.
Butterfree Ahhhh! I can't concentrate
Geodude Okay Mommy! Mommy wants your death!
The Geodude brought Gary's butterfree to the ground and started pounding it's chest until Gary's Butterfree's torso was a gooey paste. But Butterfree was screaming all the way through
Butterfree Oh Arceus the pain. Save me Master Save me!
Brock Send out your next pokemon.
Gary I surrender.
Brock You can't retreat from a trainer battle. Send out my next victim.
After a moment's thought and with tears in his eyes he called out his next pokemon.
Spearow Oh thank Arceus. You finally let me out. Thank you so much for trusting me Master. I know you have a Pidgey but... I'm being sent out to die aren't I?
Gary I'm so sorry!
Spearow I have to do this. Doesn't mean I have to forgive you.
And the Geodude killed it in a single blow. Gary ran out of the gym only stopping to pick up his pokemon's corpses, or what he could of his Butterfree and ran past me. He didn't even see me. I knew we would need more training.

That should be enough Pcebro.
We will kill Brock's pokemon for pacifism?

I can't wait to see his pokemon scream!!!


All the better to eat cake with!

Let's beat Brock. For Mommy!

Let's do this.

Get out of my way

*snerk* Biollante this man's pokemon are trying to steal my love for you. You do what you have to do.


Yeah that's what they get for trying to take Mommy's love!!!
He was covered in Geodude and Sandshrew guts and organs.


I don't want to “play” with two people. Please don't try to pick me up that way.

Brock I challenge you!

Characters that speak in this update.


On route 3 I can catch Spearow, Nidoran male, Jigglypuff, and Nidoran female. Also I can buy a Magikarp

In Mt.Moon I can catch a Zubat, Paras, Geodude or Clefairy.

You may suggest names and personalities for any of them. In addition both Nidoran female, and Paras share an egg group with Biollante. Should they be arraigned wifeys? (If I get Paras it must be female)

Also with the use of repels I can aim for Zubat or Paras, or Geodude and Clefairy. Which set should I go after?