"You're sure?" Melinda asks rhetorically. She notes the certainty of Seth's response and nods, advancing towards the house. "Well, the site might be unmarked, then. The priestess who sent us here certainly wasn't particularly clear. Lukasz, could you take the children and go fetch some water from the well?"

Telepathically to Dot
I'm still not sure if this is the site. I'll find out more about these people and look for signs. Meanwhile, they'll be expecting you to run around. Look for other foundations, check for me how old the well is?

Hovering for a second around the threshold, Melinda puts a hand on the door as if to push it open but doesn't put any weight behind it. Melinda was quite wary of divinations, especially her own, and so she was playing her hand very conservatively. She'd seen them fail or be mislead all too often even without reason to suspect them, and on the off chance that a ward similar to that which protected the site at New Kroy was active, such an enchantment would definitely have misled her divination because she was no Tishtinite. Though, she reflected as she opened the door, her recent actions might put that in doubt...