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Okay, I have a question: Did I miss something major? Last I remember, pokemon battles were only lethal to Illven as an offworlder. I can understand this being passed to Melinda... but why are all of these other pokemon you're battling dying? I know in the opening spiel you mentioned the league had decided to make battles to the death... but I thought that was for the league itself, not for random trainers, or gym battles. I mean, how can a Gym Leader be effective as a gym leader if he has to train completely new pokemon every time he loses a match? (Actually now that I think about it, that could be a part of the reason why some gym leaders are such low level, they get beat more often, but still it seems like a stupid rule to implement.)
Any pokemon can die. It just takes alot more than just knocking them out. Most capable trainers would be able to recall their pokemon, but in most cases the children are losing their head and hope. And when they don't lose their head Melinda's pokemon manage to block the beam of light. Whether actively or passively. And Melinda doesn't care enough in most cases to call them off. In addition since the other trainers challenge her and neglect to mention no deaths she suffers no legal repercussions.

Gym leaders mass breed there pokemon, they have their team and a league approved team. Brock is relatively weak with his league sanctioned team to give people hope and convince them to start pokemon training. In the cases of levels they stuff rare candies down the babies throats. For happiness evolutions they also stuff the ev reducing berries down their throats. (Also note that higher level gym leaders lose very rarely) The league started killing pokemon so that they could drum up more views, and pay more for advertisement. Which is why Illven quit in protest.