Race: Metallic Dragon

Age: 17 (in Dragon Years)

Alignment: CN

Power: C-

Description: A youthful dragon with golden-brown scales. He is built like a typical terrestrial dragon, with four legs, wings, etc. His reptilian eyes are bright blue, and his wings have light blue veins coursing through them. His head is shorter and arrowhead-shaped. He is only around 30 feet long, small for a dragon.
When Brythaern takes a human form, he has bright blond hair and a sharp face which reflects his true draconic form. He tends to shock people slightly when he touches them as a result of his abilities.

Personality: Brythaern is a rowdy young dragon who is at the time in his adolescence. Until he matures, he is brash, impressionable and easily angered. He has trouble controlling his hunger when it comes to people, and if he can help it, focuses more on satiation than morality.

Abilities: Flight (of course); Human Form; Lightning Breath

Back Story: To Come Later