Spearow, Nidoran male, Jigglypuff, and Nidoran female. Also I can buy a Magikarp

In Mt.Moon I can catch a Zubat, Paras, Geodude or Clefairy.

Nidoran M, Striker, somewhat sexist, he has an intense dislike of females. May have been abused as a child.
Jigglypuff, Daisy, the team's voice of reason. Or, at least, would like to be. Tries very hard, but they just won't listen.
Nidoran F, Jargon, a motherly Pokemon who looks after the team and treats them like her "crazy, bloodthirsty little babies."
Geodude, SgtCrawler, as earlier.
Zubat, regardless of name, should have a connection to BatrickxTwitchy.
Clefairy, Sparkle, a Cloudcookoolander. The others try to corrupt her innocence by making her do bad things.