So it turns out that having never really drawn women in any realistic way before in my life makes it kind of difficult to draw ladytypes in any capacity! Now we know.

Day 43 - Drawing Ladytype Practice

I was initially going to take a stab at one of Thanqol's character designs tonight. I totally have a mental image going on in my brain places, but as soon as I set about doing it, I realized that there was no way it was happening without actually learning to draw women. Soooo, gonna hold off on that for a day or so and get my head wrapped around some concepts, with maybe a day for critique and consideration as well? Anyway...

So this is literally my first real attempt right here. It's rough, but that's kind of how I tend to treat first time objects. Got the frame, and more or less sculpting the form around it based vaguely off a finished image with a different pose. There are parts I am happy with, and parts I am not so much, though I can't really say which parts exactly I don't like. I honestly have only a slight idea of what's going on here to begin with, any pointers would be great.

Tomorrow, definitely not character design, but that is the end goal here. Taking this one step at a time.