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    'Laelle' easily sees Melinda's desire for 'animal' dominance ... not only does that not phase or bother her, as this portion is more Sabrinian ... but it actually makes her smile slightly with some sort of maternal pride.

    She doesn't do anything to try to usurp Melinda's position, but will be pleasant in conversation to help her.
    If we assumed Taking 10 on a Diplomacy Aid, that means a +5 to any similar check on Melinda's roll ... not that I think we need it.

    However, she will ask questions casually ....
    * How long has this family lived here? Has it been in the family or acquired 'recently?'
    * If the latter, do they know who owned it previously?
    * Further questions will depend on this...


    'Lukasz' will look to Clyde as the children play for a mental conversation.
    "How strange, bounder-scout, that you should work with a slaad and a succubus for a Sabrinian? I sense a story there ... how did this come to pass? Are you bound magically, indebted, or did you freely choose your path? It is not often that one of your kind should work so well with anyone."

    Diplomacy (1d20+17)[19]

    He'll do the same, but in a different way, with the young girl.
    "I've never met one of the warrior-caste of my Mistress' sisters before, at least from her reports of your skill that's what you seem to be. Now that they are inside, I am going to take a perimeter of this area and look for any inconconsistencies in terrain. What's your knowledge specialt(y/ies)? I may need your eyes and assistance, if you're willing to lend it. The people inside know nothing, but we might find something out here. That'd be an abyss of a thing if we can do what our bosses can't."

    Diplomacy (1d20+17)[20]

    First, how old does this well look?
    * K: Engineering(?) (1d20+11)[30]

    Next, he'll walk a circuit around the grounds. Hopefully, he'll have convinced the others to come and help him. The following rolls are either as primary, or if subordinate in base modifier, as an Aid.
    * Spot, in case there is something that might be easily noticed: (1d20+36)[48]
    * Search, to take a closer look at any thing that might seem suspicious or out of the ordinary ... and then followed up with carpet searches: (1d20+29)[46]

    He'll then focus on looking the terrain. Considering how much time went by since Cassiopeia's time, there might have been other structures or something that was overgrown ..... or perhaps even overtly buried. If just a 'layman's' senses wouldn't notice, then he'll put his noggin to use ... and again, hopefully enlisting the Aid of any of his fellow "in the trenches" outsiders.
    K: Nature or Geography, whichever is appropriate (1d20+11)[25]
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