Lia accompanies the group to Cassiopiea's birthplace, although even her companions will on ocaasion not notice her presence.
Walking inside the building with the others, Lia remain's unobtrusive as she assesses their hosts. Finally making a decision, Lia prepares to cover the farmhouse and it's surrounds in a screen against scrying and detection.
That done, Lia simply sits back and listens.

[Hide (to remain unnoticed): (1d20+14)[27]]
[Sense motive: (1d20+21)[31] (take 10 - mastery)]
[Cast Screen (Make it appear as if the party asks a few harmless questions and then leaves dissapointed heading in the direction of the next farm)]
[Sleight of hand to hide spellcasting: (1d20+32)[42] (take 10 - mastery) -> DC42 Spot check to notice]