I had thought about using my human spiritually aware (maybe fullbring?) photographer character as a target for a faceless party unbeknownst to him. He has been able to see spirits, but now has a camera which can take photos of them (which can be seen in the mortal world by non spiritually aware mortals...who might or might not believe they are real of course).

My point being, perhaps he takes some of these photos and some tabloid or newspaper, or TV news, or maybe just an art collector, or whoever really. Stumbles on them and sees them as a major problem for "common" folk, and tries to squelch my character.

It might give him an opportunity to discover an ability (i was thinking some kind of soul cage or capture of souls (spiritual beings or something...the basic idea paralleling the old concept that photographs can steal your soul) this ability never being able to be made come true until he got this camera for some reason.

Nevertheless, it wouldn't be enough to stop an assassin i would think (especially at this point). But maybe it would be enough to slow them down, or maybe not even discover it yet, and just have someone else (who wants to RP) step in and try to save Izanagi (my character). Maybe they could see the potential in Izanagi, and they could form some kind of Urahara/Ichigo type of training relationship.

So, basically, A shadow organization (or maybe even SS?) doesn't want the truth about spiritual happenings to be known to the mortals at large, and tries to squelch it. Someone else defends my character, who is innocent of any known wrongdoing, from the ramifications. New friendship is formed, training commences, potential future and rising altercations come forward as characters choose sides. Lots of potential, I think. Personal beliefs may get in the way of friendships and allegiances.

Small spark leading to grand endings always is nice in stories right?

I dunno. Just a thought. If you or anyone else is not interested, no big deal.

(PS...this is similar to a future plot i am writing in a Bleach fanfiction, but it in no way is limited by that writing, i just bring it up to be honest, that it isnt just off the top of my head)

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As far as I know Masaru hasn't actually been investigating why he was the target. Even if he has, it doesn't involve any characters that aren't or don't plan to be doing anything except I guess whoever hired them (Was it Agent 00?).

I'd rather not have Kazuma involved because he's already going to be doing so much stuff, it doesn't get anyone who isn't doing anything doing anything.

Honestly, Armin's whole purpose is to just randomly create intrigue-related plots when we need to get some characters doing something. I mean, he doesn't do anything otherwise and I have no plans for him to "develop as a character." Unless someone wants to befriend him or something.