The moment Melinda (and the rest of the party) enter the home, they all feel a sense of “rightness” come over them, as well as a feeling of accomplishment. Sneaking a peek at the scrolls, Lia sees that another line has become clear
The home must be visited and the shrine built
The wife of Carson Rogan, a woman named Alyssa, is just as flustered as the man was by all these eminent people visiting, and even more flustered by the way Melinda seems to take control of the gathering. Eventually, she stops trying to play hostess in her home, and lets Melinda take control of the “event”. Those out fetching water or trying to ferret out other information come back in time, because there isnt really anything to see. The well is not recent, it might be as old as the house or it might not, theres really no way to tell.
In the course of the conversation, the party learns that the Rogan family has owned this home for 5 generations, but Carson doesnt know who his great-great-grandfather bought the home from. As a person who makes his living from horse racing and wagering on horse racing, Carson venerates the god of luck, Daren Philisar II, while Alyssa is a more pragmatic person, the party notes small statues of Ailena Domar (goddess of fire magic and wife to Daren Philisar II), Endolin Domar (the goddess of mothers) and Tishtina.

Tallesin, in his wanderings, soon learns the status of the upcoming Belmont Stakes. It seems that a local horse, Sham, is the heavy betting favourite. In fact, conservative estimates say that Sham is taking about 75-80% of the wagering. The next two horses, Twice a Prince and My Gallant are splitting most of the rest, while Private Smiles is being ignored by all those except those big dreamers hoping for an amazing long shot. However, the talk is also about how everyone would like at least one more horse in the field, the Belmont has never been run with only 4 horses, and even though another horse would just get blown away by Sham, it would make the race more legitimate. The officials of the Belmont have held this last spot open, hoping that someone will step up and take it, but so far, no one wants to be embarrassed by Sham.
Tallesin does not spot any of his old racing friends, probably because the crowds are just too heavy to find them, but he eventually makes his way to the track, and manages to get a look at the last workouts of all the horses. From what he sees, he would agree with all the bettors, Sham looks almost unbeatable, Twice a Prince and My Gallant are decent enough stakes horses, but not in Sham’s league, and those dreamers who are hoping for Private Smiles, well, they can just keep on dreaming.