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    Default Re: [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn OOC Thread 18: Peek-a-boo style PAWNCH!

    BERRY, KNIGHT...yes it is binary to some degree...i get that...but isnt there some show where Kekeishi? or something... and he puts boxes around demons or something to destroy them?

    it would be limited to his power level of course and training...maybe he could get people trapped..but they just tear right through the picture frame back into reality if they were powerful enough...

    it doesnt have to be so binary really...maybe the length of time someone is trapped needs to be worked on...that is no problem for me...so feel free to give me recommendations...

    TGVA...if you are interested in this PM me...and we can work out details on who is RPing etc.

    also..i am not cool enough to start an OOC thread so someone else should do it..

    Quote Originally Posted by strawberryman View Post
    I still don't really like this ability, to be honest. It's very binary, which is a hard thing to do in RP. Either it works, or it doesn't. What's the limit on the souls captured? Hollow? Menos? Vice-Captain level? Captain Level? How many can he capture at one time?

    There are a lot of variables I haven't seen addressed.