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    Default Re: The OotS-Style Monster Manual Art Project

    Quote Originally Posted by A Rainy Knight View Post
    Um... I guess I just mean that instead of trying to make them look more "generic" by keeping the faces and details simple and the design fairly standard, I tried to make them more "unique" by trying to give them personality and distinguishing details. It probably doesn't really matter, so I'll stop being silly and just post them.

    The concept is that one of the human kingdoms in this setting has come up with the idea of forming elite teams of soldiers similar to adventuring parties in order to enforce the law and maintain internal harmony during peacetime and perform crucial missions during wartime. The party is one of these special squads, consisting of Isaac (the gallant leader), Erik (the snarky ranger sidekick), Clarissa (the boisterous halberdier), Alessia (the serene war priestess), and Violette (the recent graduate of the magic academy who would rather be at home reading ).
    Those look awesome, Rainy Knight! I've put all 9 of your images up under the Human section. Thanks again!
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