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    Default Re: [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn OOC Thread 18: Peek-a-boo style PAWNCH!

    Hiro, it doesn't matter about what show they do it. What we're saying is that a fight against him goes one way or the other.

    Way one: He captures you.
    Way two: He doesn't.

    Compare this to everyone else, whose powers, while dangerous, are avoidable. Even though Taiki's sword is invisible, it's still blockable. Here we don't have "If X is avoided, okay. Character tries to Y." Here we have "X is an unavoidable, unblockable technique and you can maybe break out once X has been successful." Even Von Geister doesn't have any penultimate ability that is unblockable. The Commander General has no unblockable abilities, and your camera is unblockable. That is a problem. Your camera could theoretically capture both VG and the CG with no trouble. Hell, I don't even care if the power is limited to "Below Fourth Seat". If you can capture every character with below a fourth seat level of power your camera is too powerful, especially for a mortal character, when the Mortal World is a low power zone. You need either a different Fullbring to run (EG: one that isn't filled with unblockability), or a very, very strict set of rules for the camera.
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