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BERRY, KNIGHT...yes it is binary to some degree...i get that...but isnt there some show where Kekeishi? or something... and he puts boxes around demons or something to destroy them?
I'm sorry, but that is not a valid defense.

That is a completely different ability, one. And a completely different setting, two. Finally, that is a single-writer-story, not an RP. There are things you can get away with in a story you write yourself that you cannot get away with in an RP, because there are several people involved. That is why binary abilities, abilities that either work or they don't (regardless of how long the duration is, that's what the ability in question does) are very hard and usually poor choices in RP. Either they always work, which is not fair to others, or they never work because people won't want their characters trapped from interaction, which is not fair to you.

That latter point also touches on another poor point of the ability. It removes a character from the RP, albeit temporarily.

These are the complaints that make me believe this is an extremely poor choice of an ability for the RP, and at the very least would always require you to check and make sure it would be okay which is not always practical.