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Fair enough!

Replace "Kazuma" with "Shishiou".
Aha! An excuse to involve Endo Shin!

@HirokatsuGoto: Most of your post is basically fluff to your core argument of "Kido are binary as well, especially binding kido!".

Which...isn't true, or at least not true in the same way. Let's split this up between Hado and Bakudo.

Hado: This is pretty obvious; like sword strikes and such, you can be "partially affected" by Hado. A Byakuri could scrape your arm. Shot of Red Fire might only catch you on the edges. And so forth. So there's a lot of "wiggle room" there, dependent on a lot of factors from both combatants.

Bakudo: This one's a bit more subtle. Let's leave aside the barrier-type spells, as those aren't really a good parallel, and focus on the binding spells. Some of them are somewhat of an "AOE" type; in particular, I'm thinking of Hundred Steps Fence and Triple Beak Piercing Beam. In either case, I think one could make an argument for only catching a couple of the rods, or one of the "beaks", and being only somewhat bound. Then there's the rope-like binding spells; with many of those, you can still move the parts of your body that aren't explicitly bound. Finally, there are the full-body-bind Kido. These are the closest to a "binary" situation, but even then, I'd argue there's "wiggle room". I believe in canon we've seen individuals fight against the kido and move, but only at a very reduced rate. We've seen them break the spell, but only with great effort. Also, in nearly every Bakudo's case, it takes more than just "point and click" to hit the target.

Even with that all said, Bakudo don't remove a character from the scene entirely; even if they can't move, they can speak and interact with other characters. This camera wouldn't allow that.

It might be more interesting to try and think up a series of "status effects" with the camera. Have different types of film do different things, and/or different types of special photo effects do the same. Leave more "wiggle room" beyond "trapped or totally free".

As well, terry is exactly right about the power level of "anyone below 4th Seat". That's a category that's more powerful than all but a couple hundred or so Shinigami, in a military of thousands to tens of thousands, and more powerful than any of the MW kids, or even probably most of the MW adults.