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#42: One of the biggest things to get your head around with clothing folds that I'm starting to realise is that you can't draw the picture and then add lines over the top of it. Looks dumb, doesn't work. You've got to make the lines change the shape of the picture. Draw the outline of the figure, and then draw the fold lines on a different layer, but have them cross the outline and change it's shape. That's what my process at the moment is, anyway.

#43: I don't get this either, you're on your own.
#42: Yeah, I totally hear you. I actually did more of the folds as I drew the *checks* left sleeve, and more post folds on the right sleeve, and you're right, as I'm looking at it, post is pretty bad... Something else to work on then!
#43: Oh nooooo

Hey, on that subject, time for some TAKE TWO action!
Day 44 - Fashion lol

Here we have the perfect storm of everything I can't draw: women, clothes, hands, faces, and even a little hair for good measure! Found this source courtesy a friend who directed me to clothing websites, which are actually way WAY better than GIS for pictures as it turns out

I... I don't know. It's better than yesterday, but still feels awkward. There's so much to handle here, it's kinda frustrating... I took it out by drawing weird faces on her before posting this, and also giving the layer-by-layer breakdown because... why not?