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First post of doom.

Anyway, there is a power relating to a capture camera around, is there? How about using the bakudo approach as a solution? Even if it captures the individual, sufficient willpower can and will break the effect, freeing the recipient.

And Von Geister does kinda have a somewhat unavoidable penultimate power, his Segunda Etapa Imperialist Burning Eye is equivalent to a Bakudo 90 that is contantly active on anyone who makes eye contact with Von Geister.
I could see this working, honestly the camera power isn't that broken. YOu guys jumped down his throat when it was just a concept and he hadn't even fully explained it yet. They could still call out for help from the camera couldn't they? Also say it could capture captains. The would break out nigh instantly and possible break the camera. Also most people don't tend to stand there while someone is attempting a technique on them and this one is purely relying on sight. Not instinct, insight, or reaitsu sensing.