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One other point: in Kekkaishi the ayakashi often break Yoshimori's barriers, especially when they're very strong, and even when they're blown up, the vast majority of them has high-speed regeneration to make up for it.

If I may suggest, you might be better off basing your photographer's powers off Tatsumi Saiga from Speed Grapher. He basically becomes able to blow stuff up by clicking it with his camera. (It interacts a little weirdly with mirrors - apparently, what's on the focus is what gets "shot".) He manages to use photography equipment to alter the effects of his 'shots' as well, such as using a wide-angle lens to produce an area of effect explosion, or a scope lens to increase the power of the blast (though it does get somewhat exaggerated. Using that one levels a whole trail through a mountain, though he does seem extremely tired afterwards). He also can't use his power if there's no film on his camera (he refuses to use the digital variety).

A grand total of two possible results is bad for storytelling, even in RP, less because it forces an unjust reaction and more because it limits the ways the story can go. It's another reason why binary abilities are a bad idea. (Note that depending on what the effect is, it's still salvageable. An ability that can cause, say, paralysis on a "hit" or nausea on a "miss" is a bit easier to deal with since everyone deals with varying degrees of nausea at different rates. It's still not very good, but it's better than paralysis or nothing.)
Yeah. I don't think "camera as power focus" is a bad idea at all. It's just that, as stated, "trap the soul" is a poor narrative fit in a multi-writer RP. If it were a single-writer story, then that writer would always know who could or couldn't break free (or maybe just picks arbitrarily, either way).

But in a game like this, it just doesn't seem a good fit, especially since, as strawberryman pointed out, it entirely removes the character from the RP for at least some time. And not in a "heroic sacrifice + epic death scene" way or anything.

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EDIT: KD, good work on picking up on the concept of reach dominance. Also, you seem to have realized the more difficult part of how wielding two swords affects defense and offense. For someone who never practiced the art you seem to have picked up quickly.
Thanks. I'm mostly just going with BS+guesswork. Then again, I'm not the 2nd best swordsman in real life, I'm the worst, so you really gotta watch me for wacko moves.

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I could see this working, honestly the camera power isn't that broken. YOu guys jumped down his throat when it was just a concept and he hadn't even fully explained it yet. They could still call out for help from the camera couldn't they? Also say it could capture captains. The would break out nigh instantly and possible break the camera. Also most people don't tend to stand there while someone is attempting a technique on them and this one is purely relying on sight. Not instinct, insight, or reaitsu sensing.
AK: How is the careful, rational, respectful post I wrote above in any way "jumping down his throat"? Just because the idea doesn't have every detail laid out doesn't mean we can't offer critique; indeed, with such a controversial ability, speaking out early is better.
And Kuroi's right, talk of breaking out or not was ill-defined at best.