Lancaster Silvio

Alias: Her old human name, whatever that was, could be a plot point.

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Changeling, as in human who's been touched by the fae.

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral, for the most part.

Profession: Dancer with minor fae abilities that she acquired during her enslavement in Arcadia.

Power Rating: D-


Her Human Form in which she uses her glamour magic to maintain

She has golden blonde hair that she always sports in a top reverse roll style. Her style of clothing is a 1940s cocktail dress that every other day seems to change to a different pattern. Looks like wise she has that very classic 1940s beauty. Blue eyes, lithe body, delicate fingers, etc.

Her fae-touched appearance

Her true form is a being with long willowy limbs, pointed ears, dark pupil less eyes, she comes off as a nightmarish version of her glamour maintained self.

Personality: Most folks tend to feel an uneasiness around her. Folks with an affinity for the supernatural can tell she's not quite human. Which is probably nearly everyone here. There's a madness to her, a Harley Quinn-like madness. In fact, her personality isn't too far from Harley Quinn's. Most of the concepts of acceptable behavior are lost on her. She is though a good mimic and tends to watch others and mimic their mannerisms. Her personality is all over the place really. There are hints of a hidden malice in her.

Equipment: She carries a satchel with just a few items. Two goblin fruits, a thorn from the Hedge, a mirror, and a single playing card-an ace of spades.

Abilities: She's a hauntingly beautiful dancer, it is nearly unmatched and those who watch her dance feel spiritually effected for better or for worse. Another power includes dream shaping, in which she can enter a person's dream and change it around and either give them pleasant dreams or hellish nightmares. Last but not least is her ability to use glamour magic to keep/maintain her human appearance.

Back story: Once upon a time there was a young lady who marveled many with her wonderful dancing. She had caught the eye of many with her grace and poise upon the stage, she had even caught the eye of several gentlemen suitors. One man in particular, a dashing gentleman of the tall, dark and handsome nature had caught her eye as how she caught his. One day, the pair had agreed to a date where he would take her on an enchanting picnic by a near by river.

During their picnic, the dashing gentleman proclaimed his love for her and how he wanted her to dance for him, and him only and that he would take her as his bride. Well she was flattered but she could not accept his proposal for marriage was not something she was ready for, she had her dancing career to pursue.

Outraged the man told her that he was not asking, that he was proclaiming what he was going to do. During his bout of anger he revealed his true form to her. A hellish version of the dashing man with eyes as dark as onyx and skin as red as crimson. He was a fiend, a fey, one of the Fair Folk, he was still beautiful, but one of nightmarish beauty. He bared his sharp and pointed teeth and grabbed at her with his long finger claws. Within moments he had snatched her up and disappeared into the river only to submerge moments later in...Arcadia.

She was taken so that she would have to dance for him, and him alone, forever. He would force her to dance until she could dance no more, until her feet bled or until bones splintered. Though even then she was not allowed to stop until he was satisfied, he would mend her broken or bleeding legs but the pain remained. She would be his prisoner forever, until he got bored. As for mortals she knew in the mortal realm, no one would miss her, for in her place a fetch was placed and thus to others she was still there.

Her master was as cruel as he was kind, as is the fickle way of the Fair Folk. She began to love him, develop Stockholm Syndrome you can say. For decades she was his prisoner and during her stay the magicks of this realm of madness would pervade her mind, her soul. She had forgotten who she once was, her own name, and lived only to dance, and dance alone for her master.

One day when her master was away dealing with other Fey about Fey matters and what not, the young woman had wandered off in search of goblin fruits in order to obtain more glamour for herself and her master. She had traveled to the edge of the Hedge where she came upon a few pieces of goblin fruit just floating on a puddle. She had reached down for them when she soon found herself losing her balance and fell in. It turned out the puddle was a Gateway to the mortal realm, to be specific, the Nexus, a very strange world, one that probably makes less sense than Arcadia.

Lost and confused she tried to get back but found that she couldn't, the Gateway had sealed up and vanished.

Misc: her story goal is to find a way back to the horrible but at least familiar Arcadia. Also, she has a intense attraction to other fey creatures regardless of what version of the Fair Folk they are.