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They make those?

Also, I personally would be happy with seeing more of the particularly bloodthirsty members weeded out. I don't know about anyone else, but I enjoyed the first nuzzlocke better, particularly when most of the characters were if not good, not totally chaotic evil.
Melinda, Biollante, Scep, Red Baron, Karp karp and Endo are all not totally evil.

Melinda is N/NE Due to her only caring for friends and family.

Biollante too young

Scep He needs to eat, he can't be evil for that.

Red Baron Just wants to be the master of air.

Karp karp At least seems to have the Neutral alignment reserved for animals.

Endo Is neutral the mushroom is totally evil.

The party seems to be Biollante, Zephyr, Scep, Pcebro Red Baron and Endo