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    Default Re: Capt. Ido learns to steal thread ideas (and also draw)!

    Executive decision: daily drawing practice is good, but so is sleep. I have an ongoing weekly D&D engagement that takes up my entire evening. I can and have still done my drawings in the past after I've gotten back, but this has gotten to be too much for me. I'm a wreck the next day, and I just can't keep that up anymore. I love art, I love drawing, this has been such a great move, but if it's at the cost of my health that's probably not the best call.

    So! My adjusted goal is now this: daily drawing is required per usual, with the exception my once-weekly session. This equates to six required daily works, with a bonus seventh to fill in the gap. On the honor system, I'll say when that night is when/if it happens (as schedules can change). I, Ido Nos, promise to be honest and not use this as an excuse to not draw one night - if I have no engagement, I must practice. I hope that if I abuse this new adjustment or otherwise fail to draw, that I will have unspeakable shame and internet humiliation thrust upon me like the garbage I will have become.

    And now to balance out the overall serious tone of this post so far: butts lol

    (this was a D&D night, expect a drawing tomorrow)
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