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    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    Fantastic! I've been looking for a Gunslinger Handbook that includes PF feat selections and there just isn't one (because the Gunslinger is pretty bad honestly and thus no one cares). Hope to see this go somewhere soon.
    The Playtest Guide I did has a lot of that and I'll be drawing from so I don't have to necessarily start from Square 1, though some things have obviously changed (no more Lightning Reload, for example), so that should be useful till I can get to that part.

    EDIT: Finished the race section finally. Now I can finally point out what's extra awesome about Goblin Gunslingers (thanks, Goblins of Golarion! ). If anyone wants to critique that section, especially the Bestiary races, feel free. I'm gonna look over Skills and Traits and my original thoughts from the Playtest Handbook and get a framework for the next post up so I can start cracking on feats.

    Note: I'm only covering Core, APG and UC for feats and traits. I made mention of PSU races but I won't be covering that book any further, as I don't own the book and trolling through the SRD gets annoying fast. If you play a psionic race, I'm sure you can pick out for yourself what's good or not.
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