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    Default Re: Capt. Ido learns to steal thread ideas (and also draw)!

    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Ido Nos View Post
    Hey, on that subject, time for some TAKE TWO action!
    Day 44 - Fashion lol

    Here we have the perfect storm of everything I can't draw: women, clothes, hands, faces, and even a little hair for good measure! Found this source courtesy a friend who directed me to clothing websites, which are actually way WAY better than GIS for pictures as it turns out

    I... I don't know. It's better than yesterday, but still feels awkward. There's so much to handle here, it's kinda frustrating... I took it out by drawing weird faces on her before posting this, and also giving the layer-by-layer breakdown because... why not?
    Tips from a psychotic body-reader; you picked the wrong chixxor for working on a ladytype.

    Models do things that normal people don't do. This particular one is lifting one knee to lower the edge of her pelvis, while simultaneously twisting her trunk. This presents a chest-waist-hip ratio that is more athletically pleasing, but which reminds me of an explanation for ballet; contorting your body into unnatural positions and making it look elegant.

    There is a specific visual hip-to-waist ratio that the human mind finds most pleasing. Women, due to a fluke o bone structure and center of gravity, can cat their pelvis in ways men cannot. This allows hem to present the visual of that ratio by emphasizing certain parts o the bodyŚ and yet in your skeleton, the pelvis line is almost completely horizontal.

    Looking at her spine, she is compressing her lower back, the lumbar. She has a bit of swayback going on, pushing out her rump and pulling back her shoulders. It makes the Hiney appreciatively round, and destroys her posture in the process. I see this partially reflected in your skeleton, but. I can't tell how integral that line is.

    Her feet are arched the wrong way; if you look at the picture, the inside arch of her foot traces a half-circle, which emanates from the ground. It is, literally, an arch. Think of it like an organic spring plate that is a half-circle. The foot "flattens" when it hits the ground, but springs back to it's curved shape when not forced flat.
    I only go into this because your illustrated foot curves exactly the right way, in exactly the wrong direction.

    Breasts should not be accounted for in the design of the torso; you should instead draw their Ribcage, and "attach" breasts to the outside. Otherwise the torso will be blocky, and it will show through.

    I suppose that exhausts my immediate supply of relevant commentary ^^"
    sorry, but I love the human body, and having an eye for doodling, I have found all sorts of tidbits that get me looked at strangely at dinner parties.
    But I'm only half as perverted as I seem! I swear!

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    I've had them kinda flat out days before. My advice is just lower your standards. Grab a pen and paper and do a five minute crap sketch before bed; it's better than losing momentum. There's no minimum for quality.
    Yes, this. So long as you feel you've learned something, you're good.
    And heck, ballpoint will teach you feel, going with the grain, and "oh $%*& I can't erase can I?", which is a hard skill to learn.
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