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    Quote Originally Posted by deuxhero View Post
    So how much does Dangerously Curious as a trait shoot up with Mysterious Stranger now usable?
    You better believe it's getting a mention, Mysterious Strangers need a Wand of Mending and those other tasty gunslinger-oriented spells. I may even make mention of much-maligned (here, at least) partially charged wands!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lateral View Post
    Sorry, I don't have any useful advice on the gunslinger itself. I just wanted to point out that that picture that's next to the title really stretches screens, being next to the text like that- could you move it down, so it doesn't cause difficulties for people on the forum on smartphones? Also, the Yellow color is pretty hard on the eyes; might want to change it to Gold, instead. (It's the orange, but it's really more gold-colored than the yellow, anyway.)
    Can do. Some of the colors are bugging me a little bit for readability, looking at what I have so far. EDIT: Done. The color I was worried about was the Cyan, actually. I only used Gold for the 2 "broken" races (Drow Noble and Svirfneblin), its the readability of Cyan, even after bolding, that makes me worry.
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