Frozen didn't say battle. He said martial arts. While there may not be much of a difference (not sure as I have never taken martial arts in my life. The closest I got was reading the manga Kenichi. The author really did their research.) there is a slight one. Plus while Ichigo does have main character status that doesn't mean that it's the only reason he wins. After all he has lost plenty of times before. Plus while I will be the first to agree that Tite Kubo is a massive troll Ichigo did have explained boosts for most of his power. Training with Urahara, Urahara's special bankai training, the training with the visards It usually has an explaination. He also starts out not knowing much. Even with the visards training he doesn't get far even with his high learning curve. While he isn't as skilled I like to quote Xycon on the fact that at a certain level of power tatics just don't hold out. Plus with all uber powerful people showing up sword techniques (actual techniques) just didn't have that much meaning anymore. (that and i'm pretty sure Tite Kubo doesn't know a thing about swordsmanship, neither do I for that matter but i can bullsh*t that I do pretty well).

Anyways yeah, you both have very valid points. I just don't see why people say some people are only good because that are main characters. I can see characters getting lucky and many times they do. (Yuske Urameshi for example) However that doesn't mean they aren't skilled or powerful.

Sorry if I offended anyone and thank you guys for actually taking the time to read this.