Yusuke Urameshi is kinda the polar opposite of Ichigo when you stop to think about it. Yusuke starts out as a vice-ridden good-for-nothing punk whose ONLY notable skill is brawling (and cheating, on occasion). Ichigo starts out as a fairly average guy with no particularly strong points and a Crouching Moron Hidden Badass dad secretly drilling him from day one. Yusuke is good at improvising and is actually a good deal smarter than he lets on, though he DOES get lucky (check the Genkai succession arc after he ressurrects, or the beginning of the Sensui arc for what I'm talking about). Ichigo essentially pulls things out of his ass when things get tough and is dumb as an effin' brick.

Like I said, predictions are a mixed bag when it comes to things like this. It's kinda like the good old sword versus spear or tonfa vs. whatever discussion. Every time it starts off with the assumption that each user is equal in terms of skill, then someone suggests a move that could be used, and someone else mentions that kind of move would mean one is more skilled than the other, etc..

I use the term "battle" because "martial arts" doesn't really apply here.