A woman is walking up the path on insectoid legs---her lower half is that of a mantis. She wears a grey wool coat over a leather top, and has unremarkable brown hair.
What is remarkable is that she has a pair of marionettes hanging from her upper pair of arms.
We're almost here. I'm so excited! She smiles.
Her right-hand puppet turns to her; it is black from head to toe.
Indeed. Our savior will be a most welcome sight.

The other one, all white, folds its arms.
Yeah, yeah, when do we get to the stabbing of the abominations and the burning of the cursed dwellings and stuff?

The woman peers at Quinsar from afar.
He's planting... something in the ground. Large things...
Particularly large tubers, maybe?

The white puppet takes binoculars from her coat and holds them before her eyes as she peers.