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    Default Re: Bridle Shores High: The Haystack Club. Recruitment thread.

    Name: Lilac.

    Appearance: A young earth pony mare with a lavender coat, a well-groomed bluish-white mane and tail, purple eyes, and a flower cutie mark.

    Skills: Taking care of plants.

    Biography: Lilac is a student from a rich family, but her past isn't really anything special.

    Personality: Lilac is very haughty, and loves to hate things and belittle other ponies. However, underneath her mean exterior, she's fun-loving and witty, enjoying clever jokes that are only occasionally at the expense of others.

    Relationships: Somehow, Lilac is close friends with Blue Bubbles even though others wonder how they can even stand each other.

    Position: Freshpony.
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