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Day 45 - You wanted a Hippiemancer, right?

After a couple of days of practice drawing women, I finally felt comfortable enough to give a shot at what I could see in my head. This one might be interesting to come back to once I start playing with color. Let's see how I feel about this picture in the morning, haha. Going to be honest, and I'm not totally sure how to convey "this is a magic person", but I gave it the best I could do :)

To note Thanqol: that's her staff she's holding. She has a special latch that released four segments from the side, to which she uses to attach her protest signs. She was also supposed to have a messenger bag full of spellbooks and the like, but that got too busy for my liking, so she left it at home today.
Hmm, it doesn't match up with my own visualisation (this is a modern setting, for one). Artistically, I'm not sure about the shape of the head (too tall) or the arrangement of features. But I do like the idea behind the staff and I'm stealing that for one of the character's tools.