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    The kathlin is a six-legged horse that is pretty endurant. That’s...pretty much it, really. One might compare it to Sleipnir in spite of it being two legs short, but the kathlin doesn’t exactly have the “best horse ever” powers of Loki’s horse-child. Given that they are always Neutral Good and can understand Sylvan and Common, I can only imagine they might be intended as a Druid’s equivalent of a Paladin mount, albeit not noted out in stone as being such. Still, food for thought, that. Of course, there is a template called Sleipnirrin from the book Template Troves: Serpents, Spiders, and Godlings, designed to grant the blood of Sleipnir to a horse-like creature. Adding that would make the kathlin +2 LA cooler.

    Lizard, Cavern
    Other than having an Intelligence score of 3, there’s pretty much nothing about the cavern lizard that is worthy of noting beyond standard giant lizard fare. Yeah, this is one of those sets of three. ...Actually, you know what? Since I had technical difficulties over the past few weeks that delayed this post, combined with the boredom factor of some of these critters, I’ll go double for a total of six.

    The CR 7 magmoid is an evil fire creature that likes to spread destruction for the lulz. We’ve totally never seen that setup before, have we? But seriously, the magmoid has a vaguely familiar feeling to it beyond that. It might be the “melts metal, but doesn’t harm wood” oddity that the lava child also has. Indeed, the magmoid has a lot of similarities to a magma child. Perhaps too many, even. Surely the lava children aren’t literally the children of the magmoid, are they? Now there’s an idea. More monsters need connections between each other, really.

    Oh, hey, it’s a monster connected with another! What are the odds? It’s almost like...I had planned that last statement in advance! Le gasp.

    As their name implies, the mawlers are mostly mouth (maw) and like to maul people. They take on the form of an article clothing, which has led our textual sage friends – what would we do without them? - to suggest that they are offshoots or either the mimic or the executioner’s hood. Given their shapeshifting abilities, I’d personally say the “spawn of mimics” theory is more likely, but who knows? In any case, the mawler is a pretty nasty critter. With a combination of improved grab, constrict, and a vorpal bite, the mawler is definitely one of the more dangerous CR 4 Aberrations out there. Ahh, clothing-miming creatures with vorpal bites...now there’s some nightmare fuel for your players.

    If there are two things that there need to be more of, it’s cold-weather monsters and fey. The (thankfully non-screaming) mimis are both, being size Tin CR 1 faerie folk with the power to chill the air around them and utilize several ice-related spells. Unfortunately, mimis are also Chaotic Jackass “whimsy through aggravation” fey, leading me to feel rather conflicted about them. Now, to put things straight, I like the idea of fey as tricksters. It’s just that...well, something about it just seems more Chaotic Neutral than the supposed Chaotic Good such fey are labeled as.

    What’s creepier than an evil baby? An evil undead baby. Oh yes, they went there. Murder-born are CR 6 undead for when you want the unsettling factor of the atropal in a conveniently lower-level package, being the undead spirits of unborn babies who died with their murdered mothers. Their violence and unfulfilled rage manifest in a curse-inducing wail that reduces the amount of experience points gained by those effected by it and a touch that deals Charisma damage. Of course, the existence of the murder-born does produce a few questions, such as what happens to the mother. After all, she was murdered as well, so does she rise as an undead as well? Perhaps she becomes a stronger incorporeal undead such a ghost. On the other hand, if she doesn’t rise as one of the undead, what factor separates her from her bloodthirsty undead baby?
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