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    Default Re: [BitP:R] BleachITP Reborn OOC Thread 19: Dempsey Rolling with SWORDS!

    So, current status for my characters.

    Masaru: Mid-fight, probably making Kazuma's eyes widen a bit at the very least.
    Yoshi: Waiting for Terry's response (you had to wait a couple days for mine, I can be patient).
    Kaito: Waiting for any other responses at meeting before we move forward. Leaving the cafe. Since that scene's decidedly dead anyways.
    Josiah: SCIENCE! Otherwise, free for someone to drop in.
    Vicente: SCIENCE! Otherwise, free for someone to drop in. Still waiting on Kayne and Riccaru to move their scene along (last post was by Kayne, so ball's to riccaru now).
    Cackling Oni: Wouldn't you like to know?
    Endo Shin: Not actually active yet. I need to finalize him and put him in the registry...

    I think I'm going to go make a post with Kaito, and then insist to all MW players (most of whom have disappeared ) that we just cut to the next day or something.

    Seriously, bad enough our little meeting stalled out. Bad enough it seems like a couple of folks have basically ditched this game, or worse, are only post 1 time per month or less (which ends up being the same thing as dropping, since no one wants to wait a month for a reply). But Kayne's disappeared, which means no Samsara plot.

    Anyways...*Wanders off to make what posts he can*

    Oh, incidentally, I'm still not sure what to build for Endo Shin's Higher Hakuda. I'm even open to using one already made if the creator doesn't mind.
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