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Speaking of Mother Cyst... I keep hearing that it gives 11 spells, but I can only find 10 of them. There's one per level, and then there's the second level spell that actually makes the cyst. Where's the last spell hiding? (As in, what other level gives two spells, and which two are they?)
Mother Cyst doesn't. My Necrotic Apprentice trick does.

Apprentice Spellcaster gives an additional spell known at 1st level, and the ability to swap one spell every time you level up. Mother Cyst gives the 10 spells known you mentioned. You then proceed to swap your 10 mother cyst spells over the next several levels (save some of the low level ones to use your normal sorcerer swap on). You can add in a bloodline feat to make it a total of 20 additional spells known.