I suppose that works. Thanks!

R725 and R726

D&D 3.5

Since I utterly suck at coming up with new classes, I need some help with these two. And there might be more, later.
First, I need a new spellcaster base class that uses arcane magic. The Arcanist. In the world I'm going to use them in, Arcanists are descendants of lesser gods and immortals that bred with mortal spellcasters. While they lack the spellcasting power of the Wizard (Actually a separate race in this world) or the Sorcerer, they become closer to their ancestors as they gain experience and undergo duress, until finally they become unto minor deities themselves. At that point, when they die they actually become protege gods to whatever god fits their aspect.
Basically, at the beginning, the player chooses one or two elements or aspects, like fire, water, war, knowledge, love, etc. and can learn and cast spells as a wizard, though not as many a day or as high level as soon. As they level up, they gain powers and spell like abilities pertaining to the two aspects they chose. Once they're fully leveled, they should be on par with wizards of the same level, though in different ways.

That covers 725, I think. Now onto 726.

I need a class that can rage and use their voice to manipulate the world. Like a cross between a barbarian and dovahkiin. Pretty simple, right?