Here now is the complete list (with pictures) of every new item in the CafePress store. In all cases, click on the picture to be taken directly to the page for that design.

First, Celia skates her way to victory in the continuation of our existing ornament line:

The second ornament features Roy and Xykon in battle. This new line will also continue next year with another hero/villain pairing.

Whether you're a fan or a fan of not being a fan, we can all agree that sometimes, even the most sparkly vampire needs to get a face full of holy light.

This original t-shirt idea explores the hot new pastime that's sweeping the realm:

Straight from the pages of Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales, this shirt features the vampiric half-dragon half-troll lycanthropic fiendish snail. Tremble at his illogical glory!

Based on OOTS #780, this shirt hypes the epic battle between a completely unskilled serf and a domestic pet.

The old Banjo t-shirt was long overdue for a redesign, so we've brought out a new series featuring this slick new logo. It's never been cooler to worship a puppet.

After the EVIL, GOOD, and CHAOS shirts of previous years, Enor and Gannji expound on the virtues of being True Neutral on this year's alignment shirt.

Based on the stick figure family stickers that seem to be popping up on every car, these car stickers and magnets show that you are a true connoisseur of stick figure excellence:

The following designs are a continuation of our OOTS for Kids! line that we started last year. The original designs featuring the OOTS members themselves are, of course, still available.

We also are carrying laptop skins for the first time ever, in a variety of sizes. In addition to bringing some of the above designs (and a few of the existing ones) over, the following two designs are unique to the laptop skin:

EDIT: Forgot to mention that we also now have OOTS shot glasses, in a variety of characters.