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    (In mostly chronological order)

    Werewolf Classic XIII---Devil---Lynched Day 10---Loss
    Isocrene City---Villager (councilman)---Killed Night 5---Loss
    City of Spires---Assassin on team Tilt---Survived!---Victory!
    Advent Children IV---Villager (Spiran Civilian)---Lynched Day 11---Loss
    Phantom of the Opera IV---Mason (police)---Killed Night 2---Loss
    Ye Olde West---Villager---Killed Night 2---Victory!
    D&D 4E Werewolf---Evil Warden---Lynched Day 5---Loss
    Werewolf:Aftermath---Villager (werewolf)---Killed at Endgame---Loss
    My Little Pony:Return of Nightmare Moon---Villager (town pony)---Killed Night 7---Loss
    Center Werewolf---Day Baner-ish (champion of the daystar)---?---?
    Vampire V---?---?---?
    The Dragonspire Killers---Wolf (killer)---Lynched Day 7---Loss
    City of Shadows---Masonic Day Baner (city guard)---Killed Night 1---Loss
    Reverse Werewolf V---Villager (werewolf)---Lynched Day 3---?
    Werewolf Classic XIV: Tea Strainers of Terror---villager---Killed Night 5---?
    Convoy V: Autobots, ROLL OUT!---Devil (Lazerbeak)---Lynched Day 9---?
    Mafia 12-1932-City of Sinners---Villager---Killed Night 1---?
    Trick or Treat WW 2---Seer (candy sniffer)---Killed Night 2---?
    L.A. Noir---?---?---?
    Matrix Rewound---Villager (citizen)---Lynched* Day 3---?
    Phantom of the Opera V-The Horror---?---?---?
    Christmas Werewolf---Villager---Killed Night 1---?
    St. Trinian's Werewolf 2---?---?---?
    Helgraf's Bomb II---?---?---?
    Chaos in the Academy---?---?---?

    *Was a "decoy" for one of the wolves
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