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Yeah, I figured I had a very small chance of getting the actual setting of the character right, I'm not at all familiar with what you're using her for But I'm glad you at least liked the staff idea! And I'm pretty glad with the overall lack of failure this represents for me, haha. Question though: you say you're not so sure about the "arrangement of features", but I don't think I follow. Are her facial features in the wrong places?
Mage is basically the real world with secret wizards. There are very few of them who actually look like wizards, wear robes, or carry spellbooks.

And I don't know, the face just doesn't look right to me. The shape of the head is almost a pure oval, with no concessions to the shape of cheekbones or eyes. Someone better qualified than I should probably cover this.

Since apparently I only posted yesterday in my mind, today is two days in one! Lots of experimenting and newness going on here folks. Today marks the first day in the drawchallenge where I used not only different brushes, but also... well you'll see I guess.
Day 47 - Waterfall

Thought I'd mix it up a bit, tried some white on black. It felt more natural to "paint" the water as a pure white color with a slightly soft, slightly transparent brush over black. It's not perfect, but I'm not sure what else to say about it...
The water looks good, the rock formation needs work.

Day 48 - Kurai
(big warning)

This one is almost a shape and shadow study above all else. I swear it's not Metal Mask >_> I am interested to see what anyone thinks about today's drawing.
It's not? It looks exactly like the Arcani. Great work on this, by the way. Silhouettes always look great.