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Which designs are available as messenger bags? I like this bag, but so far I've only found it in this and the Turn Undead design. I'd really love to have one with the OOTS quotes - "One Saving Throw at a Time" is probably my favourite, but I also love "I'm Participating!"
The messenger bag is a newer product from CafePress. It didn't exist as an option when the Quote shirts were made, and thus only some of the new designs are available on it. The same goes for certain shirt styles. In the case of the bag, specifically, I didn't put the design on many products due to the expense of the bag and the yellowish natural tint it gives to the artwork...I only chose designs that I thought wouldn't look awful if tinted in that way.

While it is possible I may go back someday and update every shirt design to have every new style/product, it's unlikely that I will get a chance to do so anytime soon, as that would literally take hours of clicking through and checking them all.