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You deserve to earn money from content this good. In past years I have placed orders and thrown away the product because your work should produce healthy income for you but I do not like my home to be cluttered with things. I do not want to buy and throw-away this year. As someone who checks this site daily, I want it to bring as much joy to you as it does to me and income-production contributes to that (it's obviously not everything). What do you suggest? For me the ads on the forum have been ideal.

Eustice Pious
Whatever else, please stop doing that. Creating items and then throwing them away just produces meaningless waste in the world, and the environment has enough problems as it is. It is far, far more upsetting to me that you would order my products just to put them into a landfill than that you would simply not buy them at all. I would rather have less money than I would be responsible for that. It literally goes against everything I personally believe.

If you really want to bring me joy and don't want to own a piece of merchandise, take the money you would have spent and donate it to a charity. Preferably an environmentally-based one, such as African Wildlife Foundation or the Nature Conservancy. Or, if that's not palatable, then just don't spend anything. I will consider it a boon to know that I'm not contributing to more garbage.